About Us

UMANA YANA is a Guyanese take away.  It is a family business owned by Deborah Monfries who was born and lived in Guyana until 1990.  Umana Yana was named after the ‘benab’ (thatched roof hut outside of the Pegasus Hotel in Guyana).

UMANA YANA means “The meeting place of the people”. This name was chosen because it is a unique name and also because it was felt that as a take away/restaurant it is a meeting place of the people.

Guyana used to be a British Colony and its name was British Guiana, but in May 1966 Guiana got its independence and it was named Guyana.

Guiana is an Amerindian word meaning “Land of many waters” because of the many rivers and creeks which criss-cross the land. The country is also called the “The Land of six people” because of the multi-racial population.

Guyana’s cuisine is strongly influenced by its Indian, African, Chinese, Amerindian, Portuguese and British heritage, thus a variety of international foods.

UMANA YANA is the first Guyanese Restaurant in this country bringing to you the Creole flavours of the Caribbean, which consist of the traditional dishes of Guyana: Guyanese Pepper pot, Cook-up Rice, Roti, Curry and not forgetting Metagee.

Because of our multicultural heritage we also provide a wide selection of vegetarian dishes including seven curries for Hindu weddings, funerals etc. Just to mention a few vegetarian dishes: spinach, pumpkin, okra, balangee/bygone (aubergine), dhol, potato curry (aloo), channa (chick peas), chicheera, saijon, squash etc.  These dishes are served with Roti, Dhol Puri, Rice or Peas and Rice.   Please note that some of these vegetables are seasonal and therefore are not available throughout the year.

Quality Managment

Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with quality food that is carefully prepared using the finest quality ingredients, especially cooked and prepared fresh on the premises.

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Deborah Monfries holds a BTEC National Diploma in ‘Hotel, Catering and Institutional Operations’. She has also been awarded ‘Level 2,Food Safety In Catering’ from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health as well as a City & Guilds in ‘Cookery for the Catering Industry’.